Shadows of London

Session 5


(this is a videogame ad, the date it describes doesn’t match the one in the campaing or locations, but it still represents the concept story and style)

  1. Click on “become a fan”, the blue logo located on the right of the Front Page
  2. Register on Obsidian Portal, in case you haven’t done it yet, on the upper left side of the screen, you can use your Facebook, Google or Twitter account for that matter (your profile and name here can be changed later for privacy).
  3. Click on me, user Cavalier, to contact me and to show me you’re an user now. That way, I’ll be able to send you the invitation for Shadows of London. As soon as you accept it, you can add some content to the page and participate in the forums.
  4. Create a character for the adventure: the character must have a name, picture, description and bio which match the setting and the ideas you have seen on the previous sessions of Shadows of London.
  5. The description and bio must be at least two paragraphs-long. You can follow the examples of some base characters seen on the “Characters” tab on the left menu.
  6. Save the changes.



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