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Awakening, the:

The Awakening in 2011 signifies the beginning of The Sixth World, when Magic returned to the world. While most attribute the Awakening to a single date based on the Mayan solar calendar, the Awakening actually happened more gradually over the period of several years, even decades (some scholars claim that the Awakening is still going on in the present). For example, one consequence of the Awakening, Goblinization, did not occur until a decade had passed.


Whereas cyberware is mechanical and alien to the body, bioware is of the flesh. Bioware implants usually enchance the body’s existing functions by replacing old organs and organic systems with new and improved ones.


Various technological implants, chemical modifications and structural enhancements to the metahuman body, colelctively known as cyberware, can improve and individual’s attributies and abilities.


Goblinization began on 30 April 2021. On this day many humans, without any evident reason, transformed into Orks and Trolls. In most cases, those humans started changing en masse before the very eyes of horrified spectators, causing much panic and alarm. This event made the population fearful and discriminatory, meeting metahumanity with hostility and sometimes force.

Matrix, the:

The term the worldwide computer network is called in the Shadowrun setting. It was created, after the Crash of 2029 which destroyed the old internet, as a completely Virtual Reality, icon and graphics -based network, because this was the only way the sheer amount of data traffic could be handled. The entire Matrix is composed of various Host Systems. People interact with this Matrix by using commlinks and cyberterminals.


Metahuman is used in the Shadowrun universe to describe elves, dwarves, and the like. These metahumans are described as being subspecies of Homo sapiens who began emerging following the return of magic in 2011 and generally have been the targets of racism throughout their existence. In game terms, metahuman characters generally have abilities beyond those of normal humans, such as increased strength or agility, improved vision, etc.

Mr. Jones (Mr. Johnson)

Mr. Johnson (Mr. Jones in the UK) is a term, the anonymous corporate employers of Shadowrunners call themselves. – It is a nickname like the names used by runners to conceal his true identity and the one of the corporation he works for. It’s a game which is played on both sides of the table and any runner worth his credstick knows the (unwritten) rules


Shadowrunners are the elite criminals of the Sixth World. When conflicts arise and cannot be solved by legal means, the corporations, governments, wealthy individuals and even organized crime can subcontract their dirty work to deniable specialists.

SIN or System Identification Number:

System Identification Number or SIN refers to the method in which a government tracks the activities of its registered citizens. These activities include criminal violations, licenses, legal business transactions, purchasing property, and similar activities. Because it ties together all of the information associated with a particular identity, a SIN is one part birth certificate, one part passport, one part credit history, and one part legal record.


Technomancers are metahumans who have expressed the ability to affect computers directly, without terminals or intermediate devices of their own, as an act of will. Technomancers compile Sprites and execute Complex Forms.

The Sixth World:

The Sixth World is the world of today (2068). The Fifth World ended and The Sixth World began during the Awakening in 2011, when Magic returned to the world.

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