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  • First, navigate by usin the tabs on the left menu, they will provide information on the generalities about Shadows of London.
  • Join Obsidian Portal, in case you have done it, by registering on the upper left side of the screen. You can use your Google, Facebook or Twitter account for that matter.
  • Contact me, Cavalier, by clicking on my user and sending me a private message. I’ll send you an invitation to join Shadows of London, which you must accept in order to carry on with the activities.
  • Watch the posted videos and pay attention to the cyberpunk style, which is a trademark of Shadows of London and Shadowrun.
  • You can post questions and contact other members in the forum. You can also share your opinions, perspectives, ideas and all kinds of theories.
  • The Wiki will help you understand terms to reappear in all the Shadows of London resources, which will help you feel more familiarized with your new reality.
  • Read about the main characters, they will be an example for future activities. Those will explain you, if possible, who is who in the story of London in 2068.
  • The London map, on the Maps section, will allow you to locate fundamental spots and areas. Some of them are relevant in the different media that constitutes this experience.
  • It’s recommended to follow the order presented here in the form of “Sessions”. However, you can come back and check previous ones by clicking on the “Adventure Log” tab.
  • Be careful… anything may be important to survive in the city of smokes in 2068. You have been warned.

Once you feel prepared, you can start by clicking on Session 1

Shadows of London

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